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Traditional (fully jointed)Memorial Picture Bears

Traditional (fully jointed)Memorial Picture Bears

SKU: 002
PriceFrom £38.00

Handcrafted Tradition: These Memorial Teddy Bears are not just bears; they are handcrafted masterpieces, each stitch telling a story, each contour reflecting the personality of your cherished one. Every bear is born from the fabrics that once held close the warmth of their touch.


Customized Keepsakes: With a keen eye for detail, our skilled artisans transform these fabrics into personalized keepsakes. The chosen garments are carefully integrated into the bear's design, creating a unique and tangible connection to the past.


A Comforting Presence: As you hold this handmade teddy bear, you're cradling more than just a plush companion; you're holding a piece of the past, a tangible link to the laughter, the stories, and the love that shaped your memories.


Preserving Memories, Stitch by Stitch: In the tradition of craftsmanship and the timeless beauty of handmade creations, our Memorial Teddy Bears offer solace and comfort, embodying the essence of your loved one in every carefully sewn detail.


Adding in a picture of your loved one makes this Teddy bear even more sentimental to whomever recieves it, whether its for yourself or as a gift.


These bears have a 3 week turnaround time, however this can be subject to change and you will be notified of this when ordering your Teddy Bear.

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