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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."

About Memories for Eternity


At Memories for Eternity, we believe in the profound power of preserving memories. Founded on the principles of compassion, artistry, and empathy, our mission is to create personalized and heartfelt Memorial Photo Tributes that celebrate the lives of those who have touched our hearts.

🌟 Our Commitment: At the core of Memories for Eternity is a deep commitment to honouring the uniqueness of every individual. We understand that each life is a tapestry of moments, and our purpose is to weave those moments into a tribute that resonates with the essence of the person being remembered.

📸 Craftsmanship with Care: Our family run business is dedicated to each project with meticulous care and craftsmanship. From the careful selection of photographs to the thoughtful arrangement of visual elements, we strive to create tributes that go beyond the ordinary and truly capture the spirit of a life well-lived.

💖 Personalization for Comfort: We recognize the sensitivity of the memorial process, and our approach is rooted in personalized service. Whether it's crafting Memorial Photo Slates, Bears made from cherished garments, or any other tribute, we ensure that every detail reflects the personality and legacy of your loved one.

🤝 Collaborative Partnerships: Memories for Eternity is not just a service; it's a partner in your journey of remembrance. We collaborate seamlessly with funeral parlours, celebrants, and other professionals to enhance the overall memorial experience for families during their times of grief.

🌈 Beyond the Ordinary: What sets us apart is our commitment to going beyond the ordinary. We see each project as an opportunity to create something truly unique, a tribute that not only honours the departed but also provides solace and comfort to those left behind.

🌹 Your Memories, Our Priority: Whether it's preserving memories in stone, creating Memorial Bears from cherished fabrics, or curating a photo tribute, Memories for Eternity is here to transform your memories into timeless treasures. We understand that every project is a reflection of your love and a celebration of a life that will forever hold a special place in your heart.

Thank you for considering Memories for Eternity to be a part of your journey in commemorating the lives of your loved ones.

With heartfelt regards,

Kelly Potts Founder, Memories for Eternity

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