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Memorial Weighted Bears

Memorial Weighted Bears

PriceFrom £32.00

🐻💙 Gentle Comfort: Weighted Bears Crafted from Cherished Garments 💙🧵


*** Bear Pictured above is Melody bear, Pattern by Pauline at Funky Friends Factory Patterns***


In the tender embrace of Memories for Eternity, your loved one's garments find new life as Weighted Bears, carefully crafted to offer a soothing and comforting presence. Beyond being cuddly companions, these bears are thoughtfully designed to provide a gentle sense of grounding and solace.


Key Features:

  • Custom Weighting:

    • Each Weighted Bear is uniquely designed with a carefully distributed internal weight. The added gentle pressure provides a calming sensation, offering comfort and reassurance.
  • Artisanal Craftsmanship:

    • Our skilled artisans meticulously handcraft each bear, ensuring that the weight distribution is balanced and tailored to your preferences. Every stitch is a gesture of love and empathy.
  • Bespoke Design:

    • Work closely with our team to design a bear that reflects the personality and spirit of your loved one. The choice of fabrics, colors, and additional features is entirely customizable.
  • Incorporation of Garments:

    • Your loved one's garments are seamlessly integrated into the bear, preserving the tactile connection to their touch. The Weighted Bear becomes a tangible link to the past, offering a sense of familiarity and comfort.
    • Patterns
    • There is a selection of patterns that are suitable for these projects, however the Traditional (fully jointed) bears arent suitable.
    • Prices vary with regards to the pattern that is used.
    • These can be selected when ordering.
    • Patterns used are made and produced By Pauline at Funky Friends Factory Patterns.  Pauline is an amazing designer and has made many different patterns


How It Works:

  • Consultation:

    • Schedule a consultation to discuss your vision for the Weighted Bear. Share details about the garments you'd like to include, any specific design preferences, and your preferences for the weighted element.
  • Custom Design:

    • Collaborate with our team to create a custom design. Choose the fabrics, colors, and any additional features that will make the Weighted Bear uniquely comforting.
  • Weight Distribution:

    • Our artisans carefully distribute the weight within the bear, ensuring that it provides a gentle and even pressure for comfort.
  • Handcrafted Creation:

    • The Weighted Bear is then handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, ready to offer its comforting presence.
  • Delivery:

    • The completed Weighted Bear will be delivered to you, a tangible and comforting tribute to your loved one.


May these Weighted Bears serve as not only cuddly companions but also as sources of solace, providing a gentle and comforting touch as you navigate the journey of remembrance.

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