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Traditional Memorial (fully jointed) Bears

Traditional Memorial (fully jointed) Bears

SKU: 001
PriceFrom £38.00

In the gentle embrace of tradition, our fully jointed Memorial Bears stand as timeless symbols of remembrance. Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, these bears are not mere plush companions; they are heirlooms, each stitch woven with the essence of cherished memories.


Fully jointed for a classic touch, these bears are more than huggable tributes; they are enduring reflections of lives well-lived. Each bear is carefully crafted from your loved ones garments, allowing for a range of poses that capture the unique personality and spirit of your loved one.


As you hold a fully jointed Memorial Bear, you're cradling not just a teddy but a tangible connection to the past. 


In the tradition of craftsmanship and empathy, our fully jointed Memorial Bears offer a comforting presence, a symbol of enduring love that stands as a testament to the beauty of shared moments.


These bears have an approx. turnaround of 3 weeks.  This is subject to change depending on how high the work load is within the work room and you will be updated on this on ordering your loving traditional memorial bear.

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