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Calico Memory Bear

Calico Memory Bear

SKU: 003
PriceFrom £28.00

🐻💙 Calico Memory Bears: Crafting Cherished Moments at Memories for Eternity 💙🐻


At Memories for Eternity, our Calico Memory Bears stand as unique symbols of remembrance, meticulously crafted from the heart. Each bear is a bespoke creation, sewn with love and care, transforming cherished calico fabric into a tangible keepsake that holds the essence of your loved one.


Calico Elegance: Our Memory Bears, fashioned from calico, exude a timeless charm and understated elegance. Calico's natural texture and neutral tones provide the perfect canvas for crafting bears that are not just cuddly companions but exquisite memorials.


Bespoke Craftsmanship: Every stitch tells a story as our skilled artisans meticulously handcraft each bear, infusing it with the personality and spirit of your cherished one. The use of calico fabric adds a touch of simplicity and warmth, creating a bear that resonates with both tradition and contemporary elegance.


Personalized Keepsakes: These Calico Memory Bears are not mass-produced; they are personalized keepsakes. A pocket designed to cradle a photograph or a small memento makes each bear a living tribute, preserving the memories in a tangible and comforting form.


A Hug of Comfort: As you embrace your Calico Memory Bear, you're not just holding a teddy; you're enveloping yourself in the warmth of shared moments. These bears are more than plush companions; they are tangible connections to the past, offering solace and comfort.


These bears have a 3 week turnaround, however this is subject to change depending on the workload on ordering, so you will be notified by email on ordering your bear.

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